FoxMoon Productions Merfolk Tails Division Order Form.  

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Item Description: Please be as descriptive as possible and list everything you are ordering as it is named on the website.  If more room is needed print more of page 2.



Customizations: Please send a detailed printed letter and pictures of your customization idea. Always contact us  prior to sending the order for fees.   

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Date needed: ___________________________________________________ There is a $40.00 per Tail fee for Rush Production.


SPECIAL OFFERS and DISCOUNTS (When applicable)

Shipping, Handling and Insurance:  All orders are insured and shipped via USPS, therefore contact FoxMoon Productions with zip code and order information for shipping rates prior to sending order form.  Allow 3-4 weeks for production and delivery.  

Applicable Sales Taxes apply to customers in Oklahoma. Contact for rates. 



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For Large orders of over three (3) tails, please print multiple forms and contact us for time requirements.

For Large orders of ten (10) tails or more, please contact us for time requirements and discount information.



Comments: Don't forget to tell us how you found us and feel free to send us photos for our customer section. We love to see how our tails are being used.







I, _________________________, have completely filled out this order form to exact specifications and FoxMoon Productions is not responsible for mis-sized goods. I have listed all three color choices and have agree that the process of completing the tail will start when this form reaches FoxMoon Productions. I agree that I have read and signed the contract and understand that all sales are final, product and payment are non-refundable and FoxMoon Productions is not responsible for any mishaps that may occur in the tail I purchased.


If the client is under the age of 18 please have a guardian sign below and let the minor sign above:
I, ________________________________, hereby agree to the terms listed above and approve of my minor child's acceptance of such terms and agreements. I  will see that my child does not breach their signed contract or I may be held responsible for their misconduct.
    (Minor's Guardian)


Your signature at the bottom of this contract signifies your acceptance of the terms described herein regarding the design and construction of a mermaid tail and that you have read and agree to our disclaimer on the website. 
1.  FoxMoon Productions hereby agrees to provide custom-made merfolk tail or tails and any other costuming as agreed upon by FoxMoon Productions and the client listed below.  A sample of said tails and costuming can be viewed at in the Finventory pages.


2.  I, _________________, (hereafter referred to as "Client") agree that the designs of tails and other custom made costuming items purchased from FoxMoon Productions remain the intellectual property FoxMoon Productions.  Therefore, I will not alter or copy in any way the designs without the express written permission of FoxMoon Productions.  Furthermore, I understand that, to do so is illegal and that to sign this contract with intent to copy FoxMoon Productions' designs is fraudulent and prosecutable in a court of criminal law.


3) Payment in full is due upon the return of this contract and Order Form to Maker.  Contract amount is the Total Due as completed on the Order Form.  Finished tail will be shipped 3-4 weeks after completion and return of this contract with Order Form and payment in full.
4) Under no circumstances will delivery be made without payment in full.  Personal checks are not accepted.  Payment should be made by Visa, Master or Discover Card, Bank Check or Money Order, and should be made payable to FoxMoon Productions   
5) a)   Sizes are given by Client on the Order Form, therefore Maker is not responsible for wrong sizes if the client adds or subtracts from the measurement.
    b) If the item is ordered via an auction such as ebay or any other pre-made tail sale option we may provide, the client understands that the tail was not made for them with their measurements, therefore, Maker is still not responsible for wrong sizes.
6) Please be warned that items purchased may contain latex. Either brushed latex for extra support to tops (only if requested) or the basic latex found in spandex materials. Tails may cause allergic reactions if wearer has latex allergies.
7) FoxMoon Productions is not responsible for accidents that may occur during swimming in a FoxMoon Productions tail. We advice customers never to swim unattended by someone who can be of assistance in the event of an emergency.
8)Due to the intimate nature of these garments, returns are not possible. Client understands that as the website states these are cloth tails and can take damage with misuse. FoxMoon Productions is not responsible for damages to the tail after it is received. This item is Non-Refundable. Some damages can be repaired for a small repair fee, but due to the nature of the design repairs are not always an option.
9) All Customizations will be met to the best of the maker's ability and understanding of your needs. It is your responsibility to make sure you convey your needs as best you can. Pictures and a written letter or copy of email specifying customizations is necessary for all custom tail orders. The Maker will not be held responsible for misconstrued information or customizations that are not clear. The Maker has the right to turn down customization requests.
Contract accepted by:
If ordered by client under the age of 18 please:
I, ________________________________, hereby agree to the terms listed above and approve of my minor child's acceptance of such terms and agreements. I  will see that my child does not breach their signed contract or I may be held responsible for their misconduct.
    (Minor's Guardian)