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How To Order A FoxMoon Productions Merfolk Tail!

Follow the steps below and remember that each tail is uniquely yours and no two tails are ever exactly the same.

  1. Visit the FinVentory = Our inventory pages show all the items we have to offer. It includes the basic designs for the tails, additions to the tails, tops, undergarments to wear with the tails, accessories, shell jewelry and other miscellaneous items we offer.

  2. Print out the Order Form and Sales Contract= The form and sales contract found on these pages should be printed and filled out completely before an order can be submitted. This means each item and addition to the tail needs to be printed and marked on the order form, prices listed and totals given. Please make sure to supply proper measurements. Sizing information can be found on the Sizing Page.

  3. Shipping/Handling/Insurance = This is provide upon contacting FoxMoon Productions via the Contact Us Page with an email or a phone call to acquire the cost. Costs may vary and estimated shipping is only valid for 30 days from date given. After 30 days a new estimate will have to be acquired.

  4. Provide any additional information = If you have a special customization to your tail such as a specific fluke shape or are providing your own flippers, please make sure to enclose the proper information required. Always contact us first about special customizations

  5. Send Order and Payment = Mail your:

    • Completed Order Form

    • Completed and Signed Sales Contract

    • Additional Information

    • Payment in full


      FoxMoon Productions Merfolk Tails Division
      P.O.Box 7703
      Edmond, OK 73083


  6. Accepted Payments =  We accept:


  7. Currency Exchange Rates: We only accept payments in USD. You can check the currency exchange rates by adding up your total in USD then visiting www.xe.com.  Type in the total, set it to USD then tell it to convert it to your specific currency.


Order Form



  If you have any questions, feel free to Email Us and remember, we always like to see what our Custo-mers are doing with our tails so please feel free to send pictures of you in your tail for our Custo-Mer Galleries. Please make sure pictures are not pornographic in nature and are safe for General Audiences to view.  



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All of the MerfolkTails.com products are created and stored in a smoke free / dog and cat free environment.

 We are proud supporters of the Breathe Easy Laws!

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