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 We Believe in Mermaids. Do you?

FMP has been around for many years, but has been creating custom mermaid tails and performances for the world since 2000 as we tried to bring a little magic and joy to the scare that was Y2K. Our crew continues to grow as we create new merfolk among our performers and world wide. Our site is updated regularly with new information and 1000's of mermaid pictures.

Who are we?

  The Merfolk are a troupe of children and adults, male and female that perform for FoxMoon Productions at various fairs and events in and around Oklahoma.

   It is our goal to bring to life and give due credit to the legends and Magic that is the Merfolk and Fae Creatures. To make sure that no child or adult, young or young at heart, forgets that little spark of magic called the Imagination. To bring to life and make real that which we are told is not real, that which we are told is only myth and fantasy, if only for a few moments. To help you to truly believe. To help the world believe once more! 

This is our goal!  

To Make Mermaid Dreams Come True.


Copyright and Disclai-Mer Information


Swimming the world over!




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What's New?

UPDATE 8-2-12 Due to increased costs, and in order to keep our prices lower for you, we are no longer able to take Credit Cards. If you wish to use a credit card, we still have our PAYPAL option. Thank you for your patience and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


UPDATE 4-17-11!! So we haven't updated in a looooong while. For this I am sorry. My desktop is very old and got to the point where it ran so slowly I could not make updates.  I am now getting my programs onto a laptop and will be able to make more updates soon.

Watch or updates this Summer!



10-19-09 We recently sold two tails and a pirate costume to the Oklahoma Aquarium in Tulsa for their underwater dive and fish feeding shows. Check out the video on the In The News page, or visit the Aquariums Youtube page here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xFg_Qon81rk

Other news! We finally found the Roxy Hunter and the Myth of the Mermaid Trailer. Here it is: http://www.imdb.com/video/screenplay/vi511508761/

9-23-09  We've been updating! New easier to manage Navigation! We're trying to make the site more user friendly and give it a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. So in the mean time, please pardon our messes. We're working on them as best we can in the time we have available to us.

9-22-09 It has also been brought to my attention that there has been some badmouthing on our guest book. Please, if our product is not for you do not feel you have to be hateful about it on our forums. We would not do that to you.

We apologize for not updating more frequently, but as most of you know FoxMoon Productions is a performance company first and foremost. We perform and host events more than we do custom costuming. This being said we have been very busy gearing up for our events and being directors for www.Izumicon.com, an anime and cosplay convention. These events that we host and help to host take up a lot of our time so we are not always able to make updates as often as we'd like.  We found a style that fits our personality and we do not feel that our website layout should change every so many months like some other sites that are almost always off line for rebuilding.

That being said we have updates!

New colors in stock and two old favorites back in action! Plus our Galleries are back up and running after a minor glitch!

5-10-09 We have updated our tail count page and we are only two tail orders away from 300.

4-14-09 It was brought to my attention that one of our pages had glitched and was not showing itself properly. Upon further inspection it appears that our web-building program jumbled some of our coding and so we are diligently trying to rebuild and fix the site. Please be patient.

 General Information

If you are interested in purchasing a tail please look under the Fin-Ventory section. 

   If you are interested in booking an appearance for a fair, a party, or for promotional purposes contact us and we will happily respond. 

   Whether you call them morvoren, rusalka, zeemeerminnen, sirènes, sirena, sirens, Nixe or русалкой, mermaids have earned a place in human folklore. Our job here at FoxMoon Productions is to bring this folklore to life.

  Aside from performing as mermaids, mermen and merchildren this site also provides custom designed mermaid costuming for the merfolk at heart. We have currently shipped tails all over America, England and in Germany. You can see where our tails are located around the world in the Our Tails Will Travel Page in the About Us section of the site. We ship our tails and items world wide and FoxMoon Productions is always looking for new Merfolk to swim up around the globe. 

To all our friends overseas!

Do you dream of being a mermaid or merman?  There are currently several wonderful mermaids and mermen like you in England and in Germany.  FoxMoon Productions is looking for mermaid enthusiasts in other European countries who would like to purchase their own tail to help make their mer-dreams come true.  Will you be our next European mermaid or merman?

Please note:  FoxMoon Productions is a US company with only English speaking American employees, so American English is the only language we truly understand.  Other languages are at the mercy of computer based translation programs.  Your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated.


Translated below in various languages: 

En français:
Le vous rêve d'est une sirène ou merman ? Il y a actuellement plusieurs sirènes et mermen merveilleux comme vous en angleterre et en allemagne. Les Productions de FoxMoon cherchent les passionnés de sirène dans les autres pays européens qui aimeraient acheter leur propre queue pour aider la marque que leurs mer-rêves réalisent. Serez-vous notre sirène ou merman après européen?

S'il vous plaît la note : les Productions de FoxMoon sont une compagnie d'Etats-Unis avec parler seulement anglais les employés Américains, donc l'américain est la seule langue que nous comprenons véritablement. Les autres langues sont à la merci de l'ordinateur a basé les programmes de traduction. Votre patience et votre compréhension sont fort appréciés. 

Auf Deutsch:
Träumen Sie, eine Nixe oder merman zu sein? Es gibt momentan mehrere wunderbare Nixen und mermen wie Sie in England und in Deutschland. FoxMoon Produktionen sucht Nixenenthusiasten in anderen europäischen Ländern, die ihren eigenen Schwanz kaufen möchten, zu helfen, ihren mer-Traum zu machen, wird wahr. Werden Sie unsere nächste europäische Nixe oder merman sein?

Bitte Anmerkung: ist FoxMoon Produktionen Eine USA Firma mit nur Englisch, das Amerikanisch Arbeitnehmer spricht, damit Amerikanisch Englisch die einzige Sprache ist, die wir wahrheitsgemäß verstehen. Andere Sprachen sind an der Gnade des Computers hat basiert Übersetzungsprogramme. Ihre Geduld und Verständnis sind großartig geschätzt.

Nell'italiano: (In Italian:)
Lei sogna di essere una sirena o un merman? Ci sono attualmente parecche sirene meravigliose e parecchi mermen come lei in inghilterra ed in Germania. Le Produzioni di FoxMoon cerca gli entusiasti di sirena negli altri paesi Europei che amerebbero comprare la loro propria coda per aiutare la marca che i loro mer-sogni sono realizzati. Lei sarà la nostra sirena vicino Europee o il nostro merman?

Per favore nota: le Produzioni di FoxMoon è un CI società con gli impiegati soltanto di lingua inglese Americani, dunque gli inglesi Americani è la sola lingua che capiamo veramente. Le altre lingue sono alla mercè del computer ha basato i programmi di traduzione. La sua pazienza e capire è molto apprezzata.

En el español: (In Spanish:)
¿Sueña usted de son una sirena o merman? Hay actualmente varias sirenas y mermen maravillosos como usted en Inglaterra y en Alemania. Las Producciones de FoxMoon busca entusiastas de sirena en otros países europeos que querrían para comprar propia la cola para ayudar la marca que sus mer-sueños se realizan. ¿Será usted nuestra sirena o merman luego europeos?

Favor de notar: las Producciones de FoxMoon son una compañía de EEUU con hablar sólo inglés a empleados Americanos, así que inglés Americano es el único idioma que entendemos sinceramente. Otros idiomas están a merced de la computadora se basó los programas de la traducción. Su paciencia y la comprensión se aprecian mucho.

Em Portugese: (In Portugese:)
Sonha com é uma sereia ou merman? Há sereias maravilhosas atualmente várias e mermen como você em Inglaterra e em Alemanha. As Produções de FoxMoon procura entusiastas de sereia em outros países europeus que gostariam de comprar o própria cauda ajudar faz seus mer-sonhos realizar-se. Será nossa sereia logo européia ou merman?

Por nota de favor: Produções de FoxMoon é uma companhia de EUA com único inglês empregados Americanos falantes, inglês tão Americano é as únicas linguagens nós verdadeiramente entendemos. Outras linguagens são à mercê de computador programas baseados de tradução. Seua paciência e entendimento grandemente é apreciado.

По-русски (In Russian:)
Вы когда-нибудь мечтали быть русалкой или водяным?  Мы знаем несколько чудесных русалок, подобно Вам, в Англии и Германии.  Фокс-Мун Продакшнс (FoxMoon Productions
) ищет энтузиастов в других европейских странах, желающих приобрести свой собственный хвост, чтобы осуществить эту мечту.  Может быть, Вы станете нашей следующей русалкой или водяным?

Пожалуйста, обратите внимание: FoxMoon Productions – американская компания, мы говорим только по-английски. Все наши участники – американцы, и американский английский – единственный язык, который мы понимаем.  Другие языки переведены компьютером.  Мы очень ценим ваше понимание в этом отношении.

På norsk: (In Norwegian)
Gjør De drøm av å være en mermaid eller merman? Det er for tiden adskillige vidunderlig mermaids og mermen som De i England og i Tyskland. Foxmoon Produksjon leter etter mermaid enthusiasts i andre Europeiske land som anskaffer deres egen hale hjelpe får deres mer-drømerer til mer-drømerer sann. Vill De er vår neste Europeisk mermaid eller merman?

Behag anmerkning: er Foxmoon Produksjon et OSS selskap med bare Engelsk å taling Amerikanske arbeidstakere, så Amerikansk Engelsk er det eneste språket som vi sant forstår. Andre språk er på nåden av datamaskin basert oversettelsesprogramer. Deres tålmodighet og forståelse verdsetter svært.

Thank you, 

FoxMoon Productions

 If you are interested in learning more about the Merfolk, what we do, or for information to attend one of our public appearances please feel free to dive on into the site and swim around. No need to hold your breath while under water here.  Breath easy and enjoy the site.  


Copyright © 2001 - 2008, FoxMoon Productions. All rights reserved.  Duplicating and/or publishing any photo, image, Mermaid Tail/Merfolk Tail/MerTail  or any other costume design(s), text, names, logos and/or tags without the express written consent of FoxMoon Productions is illegal. Unauthorized publication or duplication is a violation of applicable copyright laws and may result in legal prosecution

Upon entering this site you agree that FoxMoon Productions is not responsible for what links and other sites may contain and hold us harmless for any mishaps that may occur while swimming in a FoxMoon Productions' Mertails or other costuming. We are a performance troupe that offers you the chance to be like "real" Merfolk and are not responsible for what an individual does in one of our Mertails. 

However, remember that you are NOT "real" Merfolk, because "real" Merfolk do not need costumes and probably would not be viewing this site on a computer anyway. To our knowledge, underwater laptops have not been invented and given to the sea yet.

Please note that Mertails do not allow you to breath underwater. When wearing a tail and becoming like "real" Merfolk you are still subject to all human laws and restrictions, as well as laws of Physics and Nature. 

The tails may aid swimmers in swimming by adding speed and resistance, but they will not teach you how to swim. They are fully swimmable mermaid tails, but we suggest that beginners stay in shallow water where you can easily put your feet down and stand up until you are comfortable enough and skilled enough to go deeper.

Swimming in Mertails can be a dangerous activity with serious consequences if not done properly. 

  • Never swim unattended in or out of tail. Always have someone with you that you trust can help you if help is needed. Children should NEVER be unsupervised in or around the water, especially in a mermaid tail. 

  • Swimming tails are not recommended for children under 5 and padded tails are not recommended for swimming.

  • Stay in Shallow Areas until you are comfortable and able to swim properly.

  • Tails should not be altered in any way, shape or form. Doing so may cause difficulties in the design and the way they swim. Also, doing so is in direct violation of the sales contract you must sign upon ordering a tail.

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All of the MerfolkTails.com products are created and stored in a smoke free / dog and cat free environment.

 We are proud supporters of the Breathe Easy Laws!

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